David, L’instant chocolat delivers to Switzerland, Europe, the United States and Canada. For other countries, we reserve the right to refuse orders for various reasons including problems due to heat and political issues.


All deliveries to Switzerland are sent by post. Orders are prepared during the day and sent between Monday and midday on Wednesday. For reasons of quality, we do not send out packages at the end of the week.

Charges for deliveries to Switzerland:

1 to 2 kg CHF 9.-*
2 to 5 kg CHF 11.-*
5 to 10 kg CHF 12.-*
10 to 20 kg CHF 18.-*
20 to 30 kg CHF 25.-*


Orders are prepared and sent on Monday mornings. The delivery time for registered packages sent by PostPac Priority ranges from two to five days (except at weekends), depending on the country. For reasons of quality, we prefer to send out packages on a Monday.

Charges for international deliveries:

  • ZONE 1: European countries in general
  • ZONE 2: United States, Canada
Weight in KgZone 1Zone 2
0 to 1 24.00 36.00
1 to 2 36.00 48.00
2 to 5 51.00 61.00
5 to 10 59.00 75.00
10 to 15 70.00 93.00
15 to 20 75.00 105.00
20 to 25 81.00 123.00
25 to 30 86.00 133.00


We prepare each package with the greatest care. The prices mentioned above include packaging which offers the protective, insulating and refrigerating qualities required to preserve your order.

We do not send out orders on bank holidays.

Postal services do not guarantee the above-mentioned delivery times during holiday periods (e.g. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter). We therefore advise you to take account of possible delays and complete your order at least a week before the holiday period!

Day of orderDay of dispatch
Monday Tuesday before midday
Tuesday Wednesday before midday
From Wednesday to Sunday Monday before midday

For all other information, please consult the general terms and conditions of sale.